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Markets are just one tool for teaching young children and the urban community Real Farmer Markets use to educate about farming and the ongoings at markets and all their producers from the fisherman the cheesemonger or simply the hot food vendor.

Real Farmers Markets puts in tireless hours and effort to support the community attending local schools with our life-size cow and market mascot N’arancha to educate about dairy farming and where milk is produced, allowing children to ‘ milk her’ for slightly older students we show them the cuts of meats that would be prepared allowing them to gain a understand that food is to be respected not wasted and its all have an origin and footprint. We also on occasion bring in a small lamb for kids to interact with and create a real buzz and familiarity with farm animals.

The egg test is a great tool and game to play with the kids to show them the different quality in produce and understand that not all eggs/veg/meat is the same. We take two identical eggs and crack them in a bowl and ask the children what one was a supermarket free range egg and what one was directly from a high welfare farm …

The bright yellow yolk and thick egg white (Albumen) compared to the dull yellow and thin egg white (albumen) is an immediate giveaway. We do this in hope that as they grow up they will understand that price is what you pay and value is what you get, Farmers, high welfare farmers are not offering the same product at a higher price but a vastly superior product. Health and what you consume is important and brands and what you drive isn’t even close to as important as what we put on our plate and in our bodies.

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