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Farm Fresh

Produce at the farmer’s market are generally picked at the height of their ripeness when the plants’ natural sugars are at their peak. Eating produce when it is ripe not only tastes better, but it also provides the best nutrition possible.

Taste Test

Try this..Buy a tomato from the supermarket and a gorgeous heirloom tomato from the farmer’s market. Now taste them side-by-side and see what you think. Produce from the farmer’s market almost always tastes better


The farmer’s market offers a dizzying array of fruits and vegetables. Industrial farms tend to grow only a few varieties of popular vegetables. Small local farms, on the other hand, tend to favor variety, offering fruits and vegetables you just won’t be able to find in the produce section of your local supermarket.

Support Local

Supports local economies: Most farmer’s market produce is grown within 100 miles of the market. This means that the farms are a source of local jobs and likely to spend money they make on their produce in the local economy.


How often do you get face to face with the person who grew your food? Markets are a great chance to ask questions about how this vegetable was grown, or the best way to prepare the ever-mysterious kohlrabi (we like it raw, shredded in a salad). A face-to-face conversation goes a long way.


Farmers markets are the place where you, the eater, get to connect with the hard-working folks who grow your food. These markets contribute to healthy food systems that sustain our land, our community, and our homes. When you support organic farmers at your local market, you directly enable them to stay on the land.


Local producers


Thousand visitors every Sunday


9th September launch


Once a week

Meet The Farmers

With long experience in farming and organic food producing, our team of experts proudly offers the best quality products.

Real Farmers Markets is born from a love of not only farming and markets but produce and people. We hand pick every stall with an in-depth knowledge of the farm and produce and that’s why we are able to deliver and balance markets like no other.

With over 28 years experience in markets, Real Famers strives to improve the customer experience and not only become a leader in running farmers markets but educating the community within and around London on the rearing of animals and how fruits and vegetables are grown and produce is prepared.

We strive to improve the relationship between future generations and the food on their plate by giving them an understanding of origins and what it and takes to get from the farm to their plate. Attending a Real Farmers Market is as much about interaction with the Farmer/producer as it is about their product and we strive to ensure on both fronts you won’t be disappointed.

Farming and producers matter … produce matters, service matters.. local ethical small business coming together to create not only an amazing atmosphere but product that is sustainable and incomparable in quality.

Real Farmers often attend schools to teach children in a fun and light-hearted way, educating them on how farmers grow and rear produce and where the produce comes from. For us, a market isn’t just a place to attend weekly but a community hub, an educational hub. On a lucky occasion, we bring the farm to the market so while you’re filling your basket you and your family can meet the animals.

A fantastic buzz about the place

I was delighted to be asked to open the new Real Farmers’ Market. There was a fantastic buzz about the place and some wonderful food and drink to buy. There is so much bad news in the world right now and markets like this can act as hubs for the community and bringing people together, especially at a time when communities are divided in so many ways. It is a great addition to the area and Fiona and I will definitely be back.

Alistair Campbell

Real success and service to the community

If the borough didn't have a thriving market it would be a serious omission and a dent on our high reputation. With Real Farmers at the helm, I believe it will be a real success and service to the community

Bamber Gasgoine

5 stars! Best market I've been too

5 stars! Best market I've been too.. Great produce and the best coffee I've had in a long time. The atmosphere was great and loved the music!

Ligia Giraldo