The Evening Standard recently covered Alistair Campbel & Tulip Siddiq MP visiting the launch of Finchley Road Farmers Market.

[…]Tulip Siddiq, MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, was photographed with New Labour attack dog Alastair Campbell on Finchley Road yesterday, only she had to stand on a footstool. “The humiliation of being 4’11,” she tweeted, alongside a photo of the two next to a cow at the “farmer’s market”. “There’s a joke somewhere there about spinning and cows,” she told us. There was also a typo, said 6’3 Campbell, tweeting: “Oh dear Tulip! What is the apostrophe doing before the s?” But on grammar, Siddiq wasn’t to be caught short, replying: “You mean, there was more than one farmer there?!#TwoEnglishDegrees #StillNotEnough.”

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